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Great customized haircut with one shampoo & hot towel

$40 - $50


Eyebrows, Ears $15

Back Waxing $60 

$15 - $60

buzz haircut

A one length haircut, buzzed on top too, one shampoo & hot towel

$20 - $25

skin treatments

30 Minutes $40

60 Minutes $70

$40 - $70

cub cut

Same great cut for our cubs 13 + under!  


grey blending

No one will know!  We use Aveda's premium Grey Blending formula



our uptown tribe



Eric has incredible attention to detail and is a great conversationalist (especially food and sports). He loves making his clients feel extraordinary and at home in his chair.  

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A true veteran of the salon, Kyle is in it for the long run.  He has a very loyal,  established clientele and is good with the greys. His classic edge and great conversation will always keep you coming back.   

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Drue is the manager and resident goober-wrangler at the shop. In addition to cutting and coloring, she provides waxing, facials, and ever-changing hair. She will also probably want to hear about your dog...and complain about Matt.


Matt is literally Jesus. His love of wisdom is as deep as his hair is rich, yet (much like Jesus) he is humble and without knowledge of his past life. Do you believe? We, at James Irving believe.

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Bethany is a creative in many forms. Her travels bring a worldly expertise and a fascination behind human emotion and experience that serves to drive interesting conversations. She has an unwavering passion for pampering souls and helping people feel good inside and out. 



You may have heard about Cree when she escaped her brief exile from the Phantom Zone. Matched only by her love for cats, books and anime, a true testament to her skills, not even seven years in the Void could keep this Uptown gal from honing masterful experience in expert cuts that she now brings to this dimension.


Who's that fly honey at the front setting up appointments, answering the phone, taking photos, editing websites...well, doing practically everything but cutting hair? Why that would be Caleb! Front desk extraordinaire, Caleb serves looks and awful puns and we will always love him because he's great.

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Amanda, the owner, is in love with business.  After 18 years behind the chair, she is now developing her business skills by growing young stylists and leaders within the industry. Her curiosity and love for adventure brings her around the world, photographing animals in the wild!  

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